MARBLE SLABS SHOWCASE UNIQUE DÉCOR WITH STYLE.There are many uses for marble that have made it become one of the most sought after stones in the world. Because of its natural beauty, marble is mostly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops & tiles. However, marble, travertine and limestone are very porous stones that are very easily etched and stained. So you need to think about that if you wish to put it in your kitchen. Marble patterns come in a variety from soft and subtle to bold and beautiful. No matter the colour, style or variety you choose, incorporating marble into your next renovation project will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Quartz Compac. Technological Quartz.

The elegant product of exceptional hardness and resistance to impact is ideal both for areas that have to withstand intense foot traffic as well as for household environments. Its minimal absorption, ease of cleaning and low maintenance makes it a highly recommendable choice for bathrooms or kitchens, as it is extremely resistant to abrasion, acids, oils…

Quartz Compac possesses major aesthetic versatility, as its advanced R+D+I allows for the creation of a large array of designs, sizes, thicknesses, ornamentations, and exclusive colours that blend in with other materials.

Interstone Marble and Granite Limited is the exclusive distributor in Ontario of Compac Technological Quartz, which is marketed under the brand Quartz Compac. Today’s market requires products that, whilst upholding an extremely high aesthetic value, are able to fulfill the role for which they were created. Our “Quartz Surfaces” technology enables us to handle and work the quartz in order to adapt it to the modern world, overcoming its technical and aesthetic limitations.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Given their exceptional physical and mechanical properties, the regular maintenance of Quartz Compac materials only requires cleaning with a neutral pH product/detergent. Rinse with water and dry. For the removal of any remains or waste (e.g. oil and grease, wine, vinegar, lemon, fizzy drinks, coffee…) on the surface of Quartz Compac, all this is required is to wipe with a cloth dipped in a neutral pH detergent. Rinse with water and dry.

Colours and patterns