Bathroom Granite Countertops for Toronto Homes

Are you building a new home, or renovating your current home in Toronto or the GTA? You will probably have thought long and hard about the kitchen, the living areas, and even the bedrooms, but often the bathrooms are an afterthought. Don’t let this happen to you! You’ll want to ensure that your bathrooms match the beauty of the rest of your home. Consider elements such as natural light, graceful fixtures, and granite countertops.


Bathroom Design


A good bathroom design is one that creates an oasis for your family in the midst of your busy lives. It should be a room that is pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul where you can relax and unwind.


Some points to consider when you’re designing bathrooms include:

  • Style or Concept. Do you want your bath to have a country feel? Is it a children’s bathroom that would benefit most from a colourful and playful design? Would a classic Japanese design help to create the calm and meditative atmosphere you desire? Should the design of your ensuite bath be a continuation of the décor of the master bedroom? Even if you just plan to stick to the very basics, it’s a good idea to explore the principles of minimalist design.
  • Form Follows Function. Determine the various purposes each bathroom will serve. A bathroom can serve as a station for children’s nightly baths, for example. You may decide to convert one of your bathrooms into a “spa” or “wet room”, removing the tub and installing a power shower. Think about who will use the room, and how they will use it. Do you need a tub? Fitted or free standing? Would a walk-in tub be the safest choice for you? Is a Jacuzzi what you really want? Have you considered installing a sauna? Will the room serve merely as a quick station for freshening up? Universal design, which you may need in order to accommodate friends or family in wheelchairs, has become popular in recent years, and this more spacious design is attractive as well as inclusive. Most bathrooms include storage for towels and personal care items. Of course you will need to consider safety, and take any applicable building codes into account.
  • Basic Elements. The fixtures you choose will be part of the overall look, and modern toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are available in a wide variety of styles. Light is another consideration; some windows designed especially for bathrooms allow you to use natural light without compromising privacy, and many types of artificial lighting are available. Flooring and wall coverings are obvious elements, as are shower doors, if required. You may choose heated towel racks, wall décor, or room accents such as plants, candles, or pictures. Remember that your goal is to create unity and balance in the room.




Finally, countertops really do matter. Installing granite or marble countertops is a solid investment, since these elements have been proven to increase the resale price of a Toronto home or condo by more than their initial cost. Granite is the most often used stone for the bathroom, due to its durability. . Visit a stone supplier’s showroom today, and bring the beauty and luxury of granite home!