Burlington Homeowners Opt For Marble Slabs and Tiles

Burlington Homeowners Opt For Marble Slabs and Tiles

Marble is an elegant, natural material that’s been used for thousands of years. Some of the world’s most beautiful buildings and works of art have been constructed from marble; this durable and versatile stone can create an effortless luxurious ambience more effectively than any other design element. For many years, marble was available only to the very wealthy. However, in recent years, marble has become more affordable. Many homeowners, including those building new homes or renovating in Burlington and area, have discovered the advantages of adding marble slabs or tiles to their interior designs.


Uses of Marble


Marble is a metamorphic stone consisting of re-crystallized minerals, especially calcite and dolomite. It’s quarried in many parts of the world, including Canada and the USA. Some of the most prized marble comes from Italy, India, Brazil, and Spain, but many countries export small amounts of specialty stone.


Marble was used in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and Mesopotamian eras, where builders prized marble for both its strength and beauty. Ancient Greeks used white marble to build some of the most famous structures in the world, including the Parthenon. Islamic artists often used marble in mosaic art, along with glass and other stone. St. Peter’s Basilica, Salisbury Cathedral, the Palace at Versailles, and many other world-famous buildings contain marble columns, elements, or decorations.


There are many ways to use marble to give your home a touch of the timeless elegance these buildings possess. Marble countertops are a particularly beautiful way to showcase the stone. Marble’s a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, as slab marble is hygienic, durable, and tough. Heat and sharp knives pose no threat to marble, and any spills are easily wiped off. The coolness of marble makes it the material of choice for pastry chefs, who can create delicate flaky treats on its smooth surface. Marble is also ideal for bathroom countertops and other design elements. The utilitarian bathroom can be turned into an oasis by using soothing natural stone for counters, floors, and showers.


Slab vs. Tiles


If you have never been to a stone showroom, you may be surprised by the variety of marbles available to you. Marble comes in every colour, from creamy white Carrara marble to deep greenish black Verde. It may have subtle patterning, or dark veining; a soft buttery look, or a dramatic Bracchia or “broken” design.


Many homeowners prefer slab, while others opt for tiles. Both are beautiful. The ageless appeal of a marble slab kitchen counter can transform the look of your kitchen, and become a centerpiece for the whole house. Tiles are usually less expensive than slab, but it depends on whether you opt for a common stone, or one of the more exotic varieties. Marble can be cut precisely, so grout lines are usually thin.


Different finishes are available, including: polished, which is the classic shiny finish we often associate with marble; honed, a matte finish that prevents slipping; and tumbled, a more rustic look for tile.


Visit a stone company showroom today, and bring the classic look of marble to your home.