Granite Countertop Companies: Oakville

Granite Countertop Companies: Oakville

One of the best decisions you can make about your home’s interior is to install granite countertops. There are several granite countertop companies that serve the Oakville area; find one that’s knowledgeable and reputable that can help you choose just the right stone.


Why Choose Granite?


There are so many reasons why granite countertops are an excellent choice for your kitchen or bathroom. Here are just a few of them:


  • Added Value. It’s been proven that installing stone elements of any kind is a real selling point if and when you decide to put your house on the market. You’re virtually guaranteed to recoup your initial investment in stone countertops when it comes to resale value of your house. Stone counters, floors, or showers give your home a luxurious and natural atmosphere that can’t be duplicated by synthetic materials.
  • Beauty and Variety. Granite is available in a wide variety of colours, and is often flecked with bits of minerals that give it a “salt and pepper” look. In some cases, the minerals create patterning, giving the stone subtle or bold accents. If you’ve never explored the broad spectrum of colours that granite encompasses, you will be astonished. Traditional granite runs the gamut from off-white to deep black, with many shades of brown, grey, red, and yellow in between. Exotic granite is amazingly varied, with brilliant golden tones, or wild turquoise and black patterning. Granite is natural – making it warm, welcoming, and harmonious. Its mineral highlights catch and reflect light, giving it a glowing presence in your home. Different edges and finishes can be given to the stone, depending on your preferences.
  • Durability. Granite has extreme durability. On the Mohs scale for hardness, granite scores a 6.5, making it one of the hardest types of stone on the planet. Granite is acid resistant, stain resistant, heat resistant, and scratch resistant. Accidentally placing a hot pan on granite usually doesn’t create a problem. Knives rarely scratch it. Water, ketchup, orange juice, or chocolate are easily wiped from the surface.  This stone is tough and hardy! Your granite countertop will stay beautiful and serviceable for generations, and will likely outlast the life of the house. Granite needs to be resealed occasionally, but with proper care, its lustre will never fade.
  • Usefulness. A granite countertop is smooth and cool, perfect for rolling out pastry, making candy, and many other kitchen tasks.
  • Health and Safety. Because granite is natural, it will not off-gas dangerous chemicals. It’s naturally bacteria resistant, and it’s dense and non-porous.
  • Maintenance. Granite should be sealed once every two years with a recommended sealant, but other than that, maintenance is ridiculously simple! Wipe with a damp cloth or use a mild soap (avoiding ammonia based or vinegar/lemon cleansers).
  • Unique. Each piece of granite is absolutely unique. Your kitchen countertop will be one of a kind.
  • Timeless. Granite is a choice for the ages, not a trendy or fad choice.


Enjoy the timeless beauty of granite countertops in your Oakville home – visit a stone supplier’s showroom today!