Granite Countertops for Inviting Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Granite countertops are the top choice for stylish, yet durable stone materials when interior decorating. Granite is not only attractive and available in a variety of finishes, but it also is a very durable and a well-wearing material. There are many uses for granite in the home, the most common being for kitchen and bathroom countertops and flooring. Generally speaking, home decorators will use granite in these rooms where maintaining cleanliness is of utmost importance. Maintaining granite is very easy – no special cleaners or buffers are required, and the long lasting durability makes it perfect for countertops. Particularly the kitchen; an area of the home that generally goes through a substantial bit more abuse than other rooms in the house!


There is a misconception in design that using stone is cold and uninviting. This is simply not true! Granite is available in many different styles and has very unique striations in the stone. The crystallized patterns are available in warm tones and exotic granite can create a very inviting feeling – especially when used in slabs for countertop in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Showcase Personal Taste


Home décor is all about showcasing one’s personal taste – and granite is a medium that can be used in different styles for different rooms of the house. Countertops need to be durable, and granite is one of the most durable in the business. In fact, granite countertops are so strong that they have been known to ruin expensive knives when used directly on the surface and not on a cutting board. All this while not suffering any damage to the counter top itself! The strength of this material is such that not much can destroy it. Of course, high impact blows will likely cause damage to the surface. There is less chance of damaging granite countertops when they are slabs as opposed to tiles because the slabs are much denser than thinner tiles. Pits, or gaps in the crystal striations of the granite, are much less noticeable on slabs as well as these large pieces of granite are buffed to a mirror shine, thus protecting the material even more while giving a wonderfully stylish impact in the home.