Granite Countertops For Richmond Hill Kitchens

Granite Countertops For Richmond Hill Kitchens

Many Richmond Hill homeowners have built or renovated their houses to include granite kitchen countertops. In recent years, granite has emerged as the number one choice for Richmond Hill architects and interior designers, and there are so many advantages to this beautiful, natural material that it’s no mystery why it’s so popular. The real mystery is why anyone would choose any other type of kitchen countertop material!


Extreme Durability


Granite is one of the hardest substances on earth, second only to diamonds in the stone category; it possesses a Moh’s hardness scale rating of 6.5 – rock solid!


Granite is tough. It won’t crumble or crack; it’s built to last. This igneous stone was formed thousands of years ago, and it will last for thousands of years more, beyond the life of your house and well into the foreseeable future.


If you need a kitchen countertop that resists scratches, repels water, and rarely stains, granite is your stone. If you want a kitchen counter that can withstand the heat of a saucepan full of melted butter or a pan of freshly baked bread, choose granite. This sturdy and resilient material can take whatever is thrown at it, and as long as you take care of it, it won’t let you down.




Granite comes in tiles or slabs. Both are beautiful and both are durable – the decision is yours. This all natural stone is quarried all over the world: Brazil, China, Finland, Norway, India, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, Turkey, Ireland, USA and Canada…the list of countries is almost infinite, and so are the varieties of granite available to you. Granite is an igneous rock composed of crystallized quartz, feldspar, and other minerals such as mica and hornblende. The colour and patterning of any piece of granite depends on the particular blend of minerals present. Although many homeowners opt for off-white, neutral beige tones, or dark grey granite, you will be amazed to discover that more exotic varieties of granite come in vivid jewel tones and in dramatic patterns and veining. You may fall in love with a brilliant saffron granite streaked with orange, or blue granite flecked with gold and burgundy. No matter what your style, sensibility, or colour scheme, there is a granite that will suit your home.


Granite also comes in different types. Only certain kinds of granite will be suitable for countertops, so be sure to ascertain which type will be best for you. Some stones are easier to polish than others. Speaking of finishing, there are several for you to choose from, including: a very shiny high polish; honed, which is a matte finish; plus “tumbled” and other antique-style finishes.


If you are considering installing granite countertops, consult with an expert. Visit one of Ontario’s reputable and knowledgeable stone suppliers, preferably one that imports granite and maintains a showroom featuring a large inventory. Specialists in stone will help you to select and install the perfect granite countertop!