Granite Countertops Improve Your Home

Without a doubt the kitchen is the main attraction of nearly every home but too often it does not receive the time and effort it deserves to look and function in peak form. While there are many ways to update a room, nothing brings a space into modern elegance like the installation of granite countertops.


Functionality and Style

Although there are many reasons that homeowners and builders enjoy the use of granite when creating the perfect kitchen, there are two main benefits which keep this stone a top choice.

Style – Granite has been used in the construction of important buildings for hundreds of years in large part because of its impressive presence. This natural stone is mined from giant slabs deep beneath the earth and depending on the region on which it is excavated, can come in a wide range of colours from pink to blue to green and grey. Tiny micro-crystals allow it to reflect light beautifully and a simple finishing polish almost creates the ambience of a giant jewel backdrop. Traditionally used in lobby floors, granite is now a staple in homes all over the world as not only a flooring tile, but as a kitchen counter, artistic backsplash, and also shower stall walls just to name a few.

Functionality – No matter how beautiful something looks, it must also serve a functional purpose in order to maintain its status in the home. Granite countertops are a perfect example of a marriage between style and substance. Known as one of the toughest stones on the planet, granite is able to withstand extreme temperature changes as might be experienced from a hot cooking pot or ice cube tray from the freezer without the slightest damage. As a non-porous stone, it is impenetrable to liquid, making it an ideal countertop for the kitchen – a room which often sees more than its fair share of spills. Powerfully scratch resistant and incredibly easy to clean (a cloth immersed in warm soapy water is usually all that is required), granite countertops are an amateur chef’s best accessory.


Granite countertops are not just for the kitchen however and have gained popularity branching out into other rooms. In recent years they have found phenomenal success as a bathroom accent and also as an impressive decorative piece in restaurants, workshops, design studios, and even outdoor bar areas. While granite may come with a slightly higher price tag than many other traditional countertops materials, it’s important to remember the impressive return on such an investment. In addition to adding value to your home should you ever decide to sell, it is guaranteed to last far longer than wood or synthetic materials, lowering the cost substantially when compared with multiple replacements over the years. Choose granite countertops today and enjoy lifetime beauty even on a budget.