Granite Flooring For Richmond Hill Homes

Granite Flooring For Richmond Hill Homes

Many Richmond Hill homeowners have opted for granite tile or slab flooring. There are several reasons why granite is a great choice; the main reasons are:

  • Beauty
  • Durability


The Beauty of Natural Stone


Natural elements such as wood and stone bring a great deal of warmth and calm to interior designs. Humans have been shown to respond more positively to natural materials than they do to synthetic or man-made elements in the home. As well, natural materials provide a kind of bridge between the outside environment and the interior. There’s a special value to using natural design elements that can’t be measured by cost or resale value. (Although, in fact, studies also prove that investment in natural stone elements is recouped completely if and when your house goes on the market.) Both granite slab and tiles are available for flooring from premium stone suppliers/importers.


If you’re unfamiliar with the types of granite that may be available for your floors, you’re in for a surprise! Many people expect that granite is available only in a pale grey, neutral beige, or black. These colours are popular. But granite comes in a huge range of colours, from very subtle off-whites to vivid hues of gold or blue. As well, patterns vary. Some granite carries only small flecks of minerals. Other granite features bold patterning and veining. No matter what style of interior decorating you prefer, and no matter what colour scheme you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to find a type of granite to suit your taste.


In addition to the natural properties of the stone, granite can be finished in a number of different ways. The stone can be polished to a shiny finish. This makes the stone very attractive and brings out its reflective properties, but it’s not recommended for high traffic areas, as it can be very slippery when wet. Other finishes include honed, or matte finish, and various types of faux antique or tumbled finishes.


There are so many different ways to create unique floors for your home, including mixing types and shapes of tile, laying some tile diagonally, or even creating a labyrinthine design with tiles of various sizes and colours in the centre of the floor.


Tough, Long-lasting Flooring


In addition to the timeless beauty that stone floors bring to your home, they’re also incredibly durable. Investing in quality stone may cost you a little more than other materials at the outset, but your stone floor will outlast every other type of flooring. In fact, your granite floor, when well cared for, will outlast the life of your house.


Granite needs to be sealed about once every two years, but other than that, it requires very little maintenance – sweeping, vacuuming, or wet mopping are all it usually needs to stay clean. Your granite floor is stain resistant, water resistant, non-porous, and hygienic. It can’t be easily scratched or chipped, and it won’t fade, even in direct sunlight.


Granite flooring has many other benefits, too. Visit one of Ontario’s fine stone suppliers to learn more about this natural, durable stone.