Granite Importers in Toronto

Granite Importers in Toronto

Many changes have occurred in the stone business during the past few decades. Once granite was a material available only to the very wealthy. Extracting it from quarries was slow and labour intensive, as was the lengthy, multi-step processing operation. In recent years, the development of more efficient technology and methods have made these activities much easier, and this has resulted in making natural stone flooring, countertops, wall tiles, and other design elements accessible to a much wider range of homeowners. However, with this proliferation of granite products on the market, there is an accompanying confusion about stone dealers, distributors, and importers. If you’re considering adding the natural beauty and durability of granite to your Toronto area home, you should consult with a granite importer.


Who Does What?


Years ago, the roles were clear. A stone importer travelled the world seeking out new types of marbles. He would take the risks involved with buying stone, testing out small amounts of new stone in local areas before bringing it to a wider market. Importers stocked containers or truckloads and sold through distributors or dealers, by the pallet or box or bundle. Most stone importers knew one another; it was a small and specialized profession.


Before the 1980s, when demand for stone began to rise, distributors had the role of warehousing stone. They usually maintained a showroom and hired sales representatives to sell stone to the dealers, fabricators, and contractors. They didn’t deal directly with the public.


In these years, dealers merely allied with particular distributors, showing their samples and using the distributor when a job arose. They were not very educated about the stone they were selling, and usually dealt with a small range of stones.


During the past several decades, everything has changed. With the increased demand for natural stone design elements, lines began to blur. Today’s modern distributor is often now also a stone importer – and the showrooms are now open to individual homeowners. In fact, all three of the roles have been combined at these one-stop shopping centres for homeowners seeking the best stone at affordable prices. While it is still possible to buy stone from dealers, or even from big box stores or hardware chain stores, you will find a much wider selection of granite – and much more informed and knowledgeable advice – at a reputable importer/distributor.


Why Choose Granite?


The number one reason to install granite floors, wall tiles, or countertops in your home is beauty. Granite comes in hundreds of different colours and patterns, and each piece is unique. The minerals embedded in granite, which give the stone colour and its distinctive “flecked” appearance catch and reflect light, lending warmth, depth, and a luxurious feel to any room in your home.


As well, granite is incredibly durable. Second only to diamond on the hardness scale, granite installed in your home will last for generations. Maintenance is minimal, and this elegant surface is stain, scratch, and heat resistant.


Visit one of Ontario’s better stone importer/distributors today, and bring the natural beauty of granite to your home!