Granite Slab Suppliers Understand Your Needs

Today there are few things that are truly worth our money. It seems like nearly every product is made in the cheapest possible way to bring down the expense for the consumer, but at what long-term cost? While an initial decrease in price upon first purchase may seem attractive, there is an old saying – you get what you pay for. Home renovations are no different and skimping on the bill in the short-term could end up costing you far more than you expected in the long run. Choosing the right materials for your home, such as granite, is important not only for financial considerations, but for reliability as well. Granite slab suppliers understand these concerns and are all too happy to help customers pick out a quality product at a fair price and realize how important a top-notch return is for your investment.
The Stone-cold Truth

Other traditional materials, such as wood for example, have been used in the creation of floors, walls, countertops, and cupboards for hundreds of years and are in fact not a “bad” building material at all. But in the end, while other products may be useful, granite outshines them all time and time again. Floors and countertops for example are put through rigorous daily use; when you really think about it, are there any rooms in the home which see more traffic than the kitchen? While traditional building materials, such as wood, have served their purpose, they are prone to all kinds of damage which granite is impervious to. Extreme variations in temperature, such as those from a hot pan or ice cube tray, can easily cause cracks in other materials, cracks which absorb spilled liquids and microscopic dirt which then in turn breed harmful bacteria. Structural integrity is another big concern when discussing flooring or countertops. These areas will need to support a great deal of weigh during their useful years, and depressions often occur, causing the wood to become bent and sloped, eventually warping and breaking. Once this begins to occur the only solution is yet another replacement at the homeowner’s expense. Fading paint, splinters, discolouration, and mould can all become problematic if the material is not updated every decade or so.

Granite, on the other hand, outshines any other material for home building and renovation use. Being a non-porous stone, granite will never absorb liquids or dirt, and is easy to clean, requiring just a simple cloth with water and soap. When a proper finishing coat is applied granite retains its brilliant shine and luster for the lifetime of the product with very minimal upkeep. As a natural stone which requires very little processing, it is also an excellent way to stay green in these environmentally challenging times.


Granite Slab Suppliers are only a Stone’s Throw Away

Granite has become such a popular building material that granite slab suppliers and showrooms are opening up at an exponential rate and have set up shop in nearly every town and city. Like with any service, not all are equal, and trusting a reputable expert, such as those found at Interstone Marble and Granite, is the first step to a successful installation. Contact a local representative today and find out how this incredible stone can change your home, and your life.