Granite Slabs Cut Home Improvement Down to Size

The refined processes for cutting granite slabs have revolutionized the way we view improvements to our home. For many years the creativity and design of home renovations, especially in the kitchen, revolved around one important decision – style or substance. Many popular materials which came at a lower price tag allowed for a great deal of leniency when it came to colour and texture, but lacked the ability to maintain their initial integrity over the years, resulting in a product which became dull, lifeless, and often in need of repair or replacement far sooner than the buyer originally expected. Higher priced stone which would last considerably longer than its traditional counterparts too often came in a limited range of colours, and due to technical restrictions was difficult to shape into smaller, uniform pieces, resulting in the need to either use stone on only large projects or choose another building material for smaller improvements such as counters and backsplashes.  That however is no longer the case.

From Granite Slab to Kitchen Tile

Granite comes in a wide variety of colours and textures and is mined in quarries all over the world. Depending on the geographical area being excavated, granite can naturally be found in varying hues of blue, silver, green, brown, white, and even pink. The stone naturally forms in very large slabs which often require deep mining expeditions. In times past with limited cutting tools, granite was often sold or installed in larger pieces, most suitable for a large home renovation project or more commonly the creation of public buildings and sculptures. With considerable advances in cutting technology and designer knowledge, it is very easy these days to fashion the stone into far smaller pieces, opening up an entirely new world of possibilities for this natural treasure to become a beautiful and functional piece of your home.


A Lasting Impression

Many ancient structures have been constructed from natural stone such as granite and have stood the test of time remarkably well. As a non-porous stone it is virtually impenetrable to moisture – a leading cause of damage and decay in other materials. Granite is also impervious to extreme temperatures and can withstand a great deal of weight or physical attack without showing any signs of wear. These impressive features make it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, both of which are often exposed to liquids and varying degrees of heat and cold. With the ability to fashion gigantic granite slabs into smaller designer pieces under your specifications, this stone is the ideal choice to adorn your home and leave a lasting impression of class and substance which will impress friends (and your bank account) for many years to come. Choose granite today and make a life-long investment you can count on.