Italian Marble Suppliers Bring Exotic Beauty into Your Space

Italian marble has been a fashionable natural stone choice in the decor of homes for many years. Italian marble suppliers will help you find the perfect stone to enhance the magnificence of your home. Visit a showroom to peruse the massive selection as the first stop in your journey to enhancing the beauty of your home with natural stone accents.

Marble is Still Popular

There are many reasons that Italian marble is one of the most popular home finishes. Besides its stunning beauty, and availability of several different colour options, marble is very versatile. Italian Marble is used in many applications such as; countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, tub surrounds, bathroom wall and floor tiles, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace hearths, as well as floor and wall tiles throughout the home. Not only is it a gorgeous, unique finish, it is durable and adds value and uniqueness to your home. Marble will not depreciate in value so it makes great finish if you are planning to renovate your home. The value your renovation will bring to the home will far outweigh the costs of the marble itself.

Pros and Cons of Italian Marble

As with any material, Italian marble also has pros and cons.  Italian marble is an extremely durable material. It lasts for decades, so once it is in place you will never have to worry about replacing it. Italian marble can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear. When it is used as a kitchen countertop, it will require regular sealing to ensure that it retains its durability and stain resistance. Under normal use, your kitchen countertops will require resealing every year. Your Italian marble supplier will explain how to care for your natural stone, and they can offer you products to ensure your stone is always looking its best.  You should always ensure you have a cutting mat in place when you are preparing meals. Your Italian marble can become etched or scratched if you cut directly on it. Hot pans or cookware should be placed on a heat resistant pad as well. Direct heat can mark your Italian marble if it is left unattended for short periods of time.  As a flooring material, Italian marble is a stunning choice for high traffic areas. It will retain its showroom beauty and lustre for many years to come.  Properly cleaning and caring for your Italian marble floors will ensure that you will be able to enjoy its beauty for a long time. Italian marble is a porous natural stone, so it is important to ensure that any moisture that it comes in contact with is cleaned as soon as possible. Italian marble is less dense than some other natural stones, so it is more appealing to use as a countertop as it doesn’t require the same weight support as granite for instance. It is always best to speak to a professional Italian marble supplier to ensure that you have the correct support for all the fabulous new marble you plan to have installed in your home.


Marble will offer you many years of stylish charm, visual appeal and durability. Your efforts will add value and interest to your home for many decades to come.