Marble and Granite Slab Countertops Showcase Design and Character

Beginning a home renovation project can be daunting without the right preparation and research, especially when it comes time to make the hard decision between marble or granite countertops. Understanding what designs will work best with different rooms and what materials will be able to support these designs are what is going to literally make or break the job. Kitchens and bathrooms require the most attention to detail of any room in the house given the different components that make up the room. Marble and granite counters and flooring are popular because of their durability. Granite and marble slabs make great countertops and create a unique and personal feel.  High-traffic areas that use heavy-duty appliances, running water and intricate electrical work all need to be thought out long before diving into renovations head first. The rest of the room’s design will fall naturally around a sleek looking slab of marble or granite, welcoming friends and family warmly into the room for its intended use.

Popular for Home Decorating

Recent studies from building associations show that granite slabs are still very popular for home decorating. No two slabs are the same, and different striations in different colours are available to suit. Slabs are more popular than granite tiles because the full pattern of the stone can be admired and utilized in room décor. Granite is more durable and can suffer more abuse than its marble counterpart, but marble has a rich and luxurious appeal to homeowners and  is much more durable in slabs than in tiles.

Popular for Aesthetics

While stone slabs typically cost almost four times what tiles will cost, the benefits of choosing a slab countertop make it worth considering investing the extra money. Fewer grout lines make the countertop look much larger than with the use of the tiles. This is great for smaller kitchens or bathrooms. The natural beauty of the stone can be fully appreciated in slab form, speaking again to the individual striations of either granite or marble. The resale value of a home will make the investment in the renovation worth it in dollar value, while the aesthetics will make it much more appealing and can add uniqueness and character to the room. Kitchens and bathrooms are important rooms of the house with potential homeowners looking for something different to peak their interest. For those not thinking about resale value, it is an opportunity then to reflect the individual personality of the homeowners through their own personal style and design.

Essentially, the best investment in stone countertops is in the slab approach vs. the tile approach.  Not only is the full pattern of the stone able to shine, but it is literally more durable and cost effective in the long run.