Marble Countertops are a Sound Investment

Marble countertops will add style, sophistication and attractiveness to your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you have decided to update the look of your current home, or you are choosing finishes for a newly purchased one, marble is always an excellent natural stone choice for countertops.

Marble Pros and Cons

Marble is an extremely hard natural stone. Through its formation, it acquires many different striations, patterns and markings that are unique to each stone. Deposits from several different minerals cause a crystallization to occur, giving marble a glorious sparkle and shine. Marble has been used in building material, decor, and design for centuries. When you consider its beauty and durability, it isn’t hard to see why. Marble countertops are extremely heat resistant. They also stay cool, which for anyone that bakes, or makes pastry, this is a definite asset. Marble, while it has many wonderful qualities, it also has some minor drawbacks. Marble is very porous, and therefore care needs to be taken to ensure that it is properly sealed on a regular basis. Maintenance and prevention are the key steps to keeping your countertops looking their absolute best.


Regardless of the finish you choose for your countertops, your marble will be sealed as part of the manufacturing process. It is important to have marble sealed because of its porous nature. Countertops are subject to many things that are hazardous to marble, such as citrus, acidic food spills, coffee stains and scratching from sharp objects. Unnecessary staining can cause irreparable damage to your stone, which is why it is important to clean all spills quickly and completely. Regularly resealing your countertops is also an important step in maintaining their showroom beauty. Your natural stone retailer will offer you products which have been proven to clean and maintain your marble safely and efficiently.

Investing in Marble

Natural stone countertops are a definite investment. There are certainly cheaper options to choose from, but none as beautiful or with the same return on your initial investment. Marble countertops can have a starting cost of around forty dollars a linear foot and up for a slab. Before you dismiss this as an option purely based on cost, consider what you are getting for your money. Marble has stood the test of time. This material has been around for centuries. It is such a popular decor option that many new home builders install marble countertops as a standard option in their homes. This also means that your resale value is increased with the presence of marble countertops in your home. There aren’t many reasons not to install marble countertops in your kitchen and bathroom.  So if you are looking for a durable, long lasting, stunning finish for your home, that will add visual appeal and resale value, look no further. Marble countertops are the right choice for you. With so many colours, designs and unique patterns to choose from, don’t waste time deciding if this stunning work of nature is for you. Marble countertops are an investment worth making.