Marble Flooring for Toronto Bathrooms

Installing marble flooring in your Toronto home will add a timeless sophistication to your interior living area. You must note, however, that when you install marble floors, you will experience etching that occurs as a result of the natural stone’s composition. Acidic substances may react with marble — even if it is sealed– and will cause little patches of roughness and dullness to appear on the surface of the marble. For this reason, homeowners who want to use the natural stone tend to add marble flooring to a smaller more controlled space, rather than their whole living area. The light and brightness of marble is perfect for opening up a cozy bathroom area, adding luxury and comfort.

What Items Can Cause Etching?

Items that may etch the surface of marble include:

  • Hairspray – Information on what the pH of hairspray may be is hard to find, thus it is better to be wary of using hairspray in a bathroom with marble flooring.
  • Toothpaste – Some types of toothpaste will affect your marble.
  • Bar soap – Neutral pH bar soaps are best for a bathroom with marble flooring.
  • Typical cleaning products – You will have to invest in cleaning supplies specific to tiled marble. Also consider finding recipes for poultices.
  • Mouthwash – Beware of coloured mouthwashes, as these can etch a marble surface!
  • Urine – This is something to consider, especially if you have younger children.
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Coffee

Most of these items can be found in bathrooms, so you must take the appropriate precautions to avoid spilling any of them. Water can also slightly etch marble, so wiping down or squeegeeing your shower door is important. If there are other substances or liquids in your bathroom, like soaps, its best to opt for items that are clear, as most marble flooring that is installed in bathrooms is white, grey or cream in colour. Consider your family; do you have a growing family with young children who may be likely to spill items in the bathroom? Are you likely to rent out this home sometime in the future, as many Torontonians do, and how can you ensure that the tenants will be as diligent about cleaning as you might be? These are all important considerations.

A Bit of Character Never Hurt Anyone

Marble tiles for bathroom flooring are quite popular in home renovation projects because of the fact that marble can be made to look completely pristine, airy and classic or  homey, lived-in and full of character. This all depends on how you decide to work with it. Though etching might bother some homeowners, it doesn’t destroy or decrease the beauty of the marble in any way. Many people would even argue that you don’t see the etching unless the light falls on it in a certain way. Most of all, the marks left on the marble add character to your home and act as a reminder of fond memories. Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the homeowner.