Marble Flooring in Ottawa Homes is an Investment in Elegance

In a world where very few things remain constant, marble is a rare exception. It has been used in elegant home building and in the creation of iconic pieces of artwork as far back as history records. Of course, modern technologies have allowed us to incorporate this incredible natural stone in our homes to varying degrees with the use of precision tools to shape and size pieces in whatever fashion we choose, rather than working with the giants slabs excavated by our ancestors. When it comes to a simple ways of transforming your living space from blah to BAM!, installing marble flooring in your Ottawa home is a surefire way to get noticed for all the right reasons.


Making Cents of Marble Flooring

While marble is by far the most beautiful type of flooring which one can incorporate into the home, it also comes with a slightly higher price tag than many of its more common counterparts such as wood or linoleum. At first consideration this may seem like a deterrent, but in fact it is a very worthwhile investment. Regardless of how well-treated wood is, the flooring created by it will become susceptible to warping, fading, and cracking over time, usually within a decade or two. That is not to say it would require replacing every 10 years, but it will certainly have lost its initial aesthetic appeal and require constant upkeep and eventual replacement. Linoleum tiles often enjoy even less success, peeling and cracking within just a few years if met with unfavorable conditions. Marble however, when properly cared for, can last many decades or even centuries, though you may not be around to enjoy it for that long. When factoring in the cost of flooring replacement or repair over the lifetime of a home, marble is the obvious choice and comes in at a bargain over the course of time.


Beauty Forever

Even if you keep your more cost-effective materials in mint condition, there is still the issue of changing trends and styles. Before the advent of the internet and social media, trends tended to last a few years or longer – now they are lucky to survive until the end of the year in which they were created. With marble flooring however, you can remain confident that your Ottawa home will be in fashion in 10, 20, or even 100 years. Marble has stood the test of time as a timeless, classic, and beautiful piece of art – a trend which never ends. Now keeping your home comfortable, impressive, and stylish has never been easier with marble flooring.


It is important to keep in mind that marble will likely not be a uniform pattern throughout the home. Natural variations in the colour and pigmented lines will be distinctly noticeable, but add a great deal to the charm and uniqueness of this fabulous stone. Not only will marble flooring be a beautiful compliment to your home, but when placed in areas where a great deal of time is spent, it can become an excellent conversation piece as well. Discuss your options with a local marble flooring specialist today and make your dreams of grandeur and opulence an exciting reality!