Marble Slab Supplier in Ottawa Can Provide a Rainbow of Options

The nation’s capital has a rich history.  Steeped in politics, excitement and grandeur, Ottawa is also known for its natural beauty, winding canals and beautiful greenery.  More and more Ottawa homeowners are looking to amplify their home’s natural beauty with stone.  Granite and marble offer a lovely way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in!  Looking to contact a marble slab supplier in Ottawa?  Read this first!

Destination: Ottawa

Marble stone comes from all over the globe.  Brazil and Italy are some of the world’s largest marble producers.  Ottawa’s best marble slab suppliers will be able to tell you where each of their slabs are quarried.  Looking for something truly unique?  Certain types of marble are only available from specific areas in the world.  Test your supplier’s knowledge and go into the showroom informed!  The result can be a natural stone element in your home with an inspiring story to match.

Each Slab Tells a Story

Here are some special types of marble, very unique and tied to the cities they’re quarried in.

Connemara marble: This stunning green marble has made its West Ireland district famous.  The Streamstown marble quarry opened in the small town of Clifden Ireland in 1822, making it one of the area’s oldest industries.  This marble is so special, it was used in the Senate Chamber of the State Capital Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Carrara and Calacatta marble: These sought-after marble variants are quarried in Italy.  This marble has been used for centuries, dating back to ancient Rome!  Nowadays, the white stone with subtle grey veining is prized for its clean look and is popularly used in bathrooms, kitchen countertops, pillars and fireplace facings.

Dark Emperador and Ambar Royale marble: Spain specializes in amber and salmon-toned marble.  The Dark Emperador variety is stunning – a deep amber color with wild veining throughout.

Yule marble: Mined in Colorado, this is a very special marble because it is one of the few varieties which has a luminous and uniform white look.  A truly unique building material, it was used in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Tennessee marble: visible in Toronto’s Union station, this pink marble comes from one of six active marble quarries in Tennessee.

Which Colour Works for You?

When choosing the perfect variety of marble for your home, use the internet to research possibilities first.  Then, when it’s time to visit a showroom, you can see your favorite options in person.  This is important, as slab color can sometimes appear differently in online images.  In fact, a flat image doesn’t do most marble justice – it can sparkle and shine when viewed from all angles.

Every Piece is Unique

The most beautiful thing about marble is that no two slabs are exactly alike, so be open to a bit of differentiation from the showroom piece.  If you are very worried about possible differentiation from the showroom slab, ask a knowledgeable slab supplier how much the type of marble you are thinking of purchasing might vary in look.  Don’t forget, the piece you receive will be like no other in the world, so treasure your unique piece of history!