Marble Slab Supplier in Toronto Can Provide Marble Perfection for Your Home!

Toronto is an exciting place to live.  Development in Canada’s largest city is booming, and isn’t likely to slow down for some time.  Along with this rapid pace of development comes a lively housing market.  GTA residents spend a large amount of time designing their homes, knowing that premium upgrades are not only enjoyable for them, but can also increase their home’s resale value.  It’s well known that Torontonians are savvy consumers who like their premium upgrades to be on-trend.  One popular upgrade is the addition of natural stone elements in the home.  Thinking of adding a marble upgrade to your home?  Read on to know what to ask your marble slab supplier in Toronto.

The world of home ownership involves constant decision-making.  Homebuyers must choose the best neighborhood, house type and mortgage.  If you’ve settled on marble for your home upgrade, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice.  Marble is luxurious, beautiful and unique – a stunning addition to any home.  Another exciting element of marble is its long-lasting nature.  Treat it right, and your marble piece will outlast you!  Given this, it’s important to do your research before purchasing your marble to be sure the finished product is exactly as you were expecting.

Step 1: Select the marble color

First, decide the color family of marble you are looking for.  Light marble is perfect for airy kitchens, baths and more modern-styled homes.  A darker marble slab makes a strong statement and looks fitting in a more traditional-styled home.  The internet is a great place to start this research.  Look at stone samples, but also be sure to look at photos of installed slabs in homes.  It’s important that you like your marble piece in its final resting place. Remember, a small stone sample might not tell the whole story – scale and context are important things to consider too.

Step 2: Select the marble look and depth

Once the general marble color has been selected, give some consideration to the level of color variance you are looking for in the piece.  Some marble types have subtle veining patterns, others are very bold.  In addition, think about the stone’s depth.  Some stone sparkles and glimmers under the light.  This is something that you can’t get a good feel for in pictures, so visit your local showroom to get an idea of how light will play off the marble piece.

Step 3: Select the marble finish

Do you want your marble piece to be polished or honed?  Polished marble yields a glossy, shiny surface that   will give your marble slab added protection from spills and it won’t need to be sealed as often.  However, polished marble can also show scratches, or differences in wear.  Polished marble isn’t the best solution for floor tiles, as the polish may wear away in the more highly trafficked areas, causing an uneven look.  Polished marble is best for decorative touches, walls, and powder bathrooms.

Honed marble gives the stone a more velvety-smooth feel.  This finish is more forgiving with scratches, but is more apt to be stained by colored liquids, as it is more porous.  A honed finish is a good choice for floors and kitchen countertops.

Contact your local Toronto marble slab supplier today and add a touch of luxury to your home.