Marble Slab Suppliers

Marble has been a popular choice for home decor for many years. Whether you are accenting a fireplace, adorning a kitchen island, or installing new flooring in your bathroom, marble slabs are a good material choice. Marble slab suppliers will walk you through the process of getting you from a slab on the warehouse floor to the finished product enhancing the beauty and comfort of your home.

Marble vs. Granite

Marble is a very hard rock that is formed from calcite beneath the earth. Crystallizations occur when other minerals are introduced to the calcite deposit as it is being crushed during its formation. It is this natural process that causes marble to have the wonderfully unique striations, veining and exceptional designs that add to the natural beauty of this stone. The formation process of marble is what allows it to be strong enough to be used as countertops, tiles, as well as statues and other home decor items. That being said, marble is still a porous natural stone. It can become damaged if it is left to the elements without protection. Granite on the other hand is much harder, and more resilient than marble. It  is also much more dense than marble, and this makes it resistant to moisture damage. Both stones are wonderful additions to any home.

Choosing the Right Slab

Knowing the differences between marble and granite can be helpful when you are planning to install natural stone finishes in your home. Weighing the pros and cons of each stone for the specific site you are considering before you buy it will save you many years of dissatisfaction later on. Marble slab suppliers are knowledgeable, and can help you find the right slab for your project. Ask as many questions as you can. Also, provide as much information as possible to the supplier. Knowing what your intended use for your marble is will help them determine if this is the best product for you.

Choosing a Marble Slab Supplier

Marble suppliers are your first stop in the process of updating your space if you have decided that you want to add natural stone to your home. A marble slab supplier will be your best contact throughout this process. When you are choosing a marble supplier, you should do research. The internet provides a wealth of information, and can point you in the direction of natural stone suppliers in your area, but you should also visit these places in person. Go prepared with questions, and make sure you leave yourself enough time to get the valuable opinion and adequate information from   the suppliers you visit. Look at the stock of slabs they have available, and find out if they have references that you can speak to as well. Marble is an investment, so you want to be sure to get the best you can get for your money.

Moving Forward

Once you have found a reputable marble slab supplier, you can move forward with the process of choosing, purchasing and installing this gorgeous stone in your home. A wonderful marble slab supplier will work with you every step of the way with your satisfaction as their number one priority.