Marble Slabs are a Worthy Addition to Toronto Homes

Marble slabs in Toronto home design projects are the preferred premium building material of home builders, interior designers and home owners. Once a little research has been done, it’s easy to see why! From the incredible variety and selection of colours, patterns, and textures to the easiest maintenance around, these incredible durable slabs offer a lot to anyone looking to improve any space.

When shopping for marble slabs, you’ll be stunned at the sheer volume of options open to you. Marble slabs range in colour from white to black with just about every colour option possible in between. When paired with an almost limitless variety of patterns and textures, you can bet that the perfect marble slab to compliment your design plans can be found with relative ease.

Taking care of your marble slab investment is as simple as a clean rag and a little water. The importance of the clean rag cannot be overstated. Among the most common sources of wear and surface degradation is the use of abrasive materials during cleaning. Sand or other small, dense particles can scratch surfaces over time, dulling the finish. For the best possible cleaning results and for stubborn areas, a simple solution of warm water and soap is enough to tackle just about any job. In the event of a scratched, etched or even chipped surface, nearly all marble slabs can be polished to repair damage without the need for a costly replacement.

The strength and durability of this amazingly versatile material is well known, and well documented throughout history. There are many examples of marble slab countertops and floors dating back over 2,000 years still being used daily, and still looking great! Once marble has been installed as a floor or countertop, it has a tendency to reduce the amount a time a home spends on the market. This is a great thing to know if you’re looking to sell your home! It’s also worth mentioning that the value of a home with marble installed throughout is significantly higher than a home without such beautiful upgrades.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home or rejuvenate your living space, give some serious thought to marble slabs. The long-lasting durable beauty of this premium building material is sure to keep your home looking its very best with as little maintenance as possible for years to come!