Marble Slabs Enhance Value and Appeal of Your Home

Marble is one of the most exquisite natural stones. The natural crystallization that occurs during this rock’s formation brings about a sparkle and shine that is unparalleled. Adding marble to your decor will ensure beauty, elegance and practicality.

Marble Slab Production

Marble slabs are the product of natural stone formations that can be found in mountainous regions of Canada as well as Italy, Spain, the U.S. and many other countries around the world. The stone is mined from quarries and then cut into the stunning slabs you see on the showroom floor. In order to accomplish this, a rather hefty rock is excavated from its place of origin and then cut into a very large cube shape. It is then taken from the natural stone quarry to a production plant. At this stage, the raw marble formation is cut using specialized machines equipped with heavy duty diamond and steel blades. As a general rule these machines contain several blades that are spaced according to the specifications of the manufacturer, or the buyer. The marble is placed on the machine, and the blades go to work cutting. This process could be likened to the look of slicing bread, only on a much larger scale. Once the slabs have been cut, they are then finished to meet the requirements of the buyers.

Marble Slab Finishes

Marble slabs come with a variety of striking finishes. Depending on the end use of the product, some finishes are more practical than others, but all are equally attractive.

  • Polished – Marble with a polished finish has a high gloss look, and smooth feel. This type of finish has been popular for many centuries. Polished marble slabs are an excellent choice for countertops. The sealing process of this finish allows for adequate coverage of all the pores, therefore leaving it resistant to moisture damage, staining and odor.
  • Honed – Marble slabs with a honed finish have a matte look and smooth feel. This type of finish is commonly used for flooring. The matte finish offers more traction than a polished finish, so therefore it isn’t as slippery when it is wet. The honed finish can be sealed as well to preserve the integrity of the stone.
  • Flamed – The flaming process on marble causes the stone to pop on the surface, giving it a textured look and feel. This type of finish is just as popular in outdoor applications as it is indoor ones. Flamed marble slabs can be sealed in the same manner as other finishes. Use of flamed marble on flooring that is subject to moisture is a great choice. The texturing offers more traction than a smooth finish would.

Maintaining Your Marble

Investing in the splendor that is marble is an excellent choice for any decor. As with most natural products, care must be taken to ensure your marble is always looking its showroom best. Marble manufacturers will seal the slabs once they have been finished. This sealing doesn’t last forever. How often you should have it resealed depends on where your stone is being used. A general rule of thumb is every six to twelve months. Proper cleaning with approved products will also prolong the life of your finish. Marble slabs add beauty and elegance to your decor, be sure to treat them well, and they will last a lifetime.