Mosaic Tiles in Ottawa

Mosaic Tiles in Ottawa

More homeowners in Ottawa are recognizing the amazing benefits that are possible when using mosaic tiles in their homes. Mosaic tiles are defined as smaller-size tiles that are typically made from ceramic or porcelain. In order to be considered a mosaic tile, the tile should be 2 inches or smaller. The term mosaic is used because these individual small tiles are used to create a larger design.

Mosaic tiles are popular for home improvement projects in Ottawa because of the freedom of design that they offer. The size of the tiles makes it possible for intricate patterns and designs to be achieved with a virtually infinite number of colors and textures. It is common for mosaic tiles to combine a wide variety of colors, but they can also be installed using the same color to create a stunning modern appearance.

The size of the tiles also works to increase the durability of the tiles at lower thicknesses. Larger thin tiles are more susceptible to breakage because of the increased surface area. A larger number of small tiles covering the same area are each responsible for smaller amounts of load bearing. Mosaic tiles are less prone to cracking when the tiles are used for stressful applications such as flooring.

A Variety of Uses for Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have a wide variety of uses throughout the home. Most of the uses are for decorative purposes, but mosaic tiles also offer strong benefits when they are installed. Glazed ceramic or porcelain mosaic tiles offer exceptional water-resistance properties which allow them to be used for various kitchen or bathroom projects.

Mosaic tiles were previously used in applications around the home as a means of accentuating natural stone or other larger tiles. The wide variety of colors, textures and designs have led to mosaic tiles now being used exclusively in their own projects.

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are an excellent way to introduce mosaic tiles into the home. Backsplashes are a relatively simple project that can be used to showcase the beauty of mosaic tiles while providing protection for the area it is installed on.

The bathroom provides the most uses for mosaic tiles. Almost any surface in the entire bathroom can be covered by these tiles to improve the look of the room while also serving to protect the room from sources of moisture and mould.

Experimenting with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are reasonably priced and they provide an excellent opportunity for designers to flex their creative muscles around the home.  Even a small mosaic tile project can have a huge impact on the appearance of a room for an affordable price. The possibilities for designs and patterns are endless with the wide selection of tiles available.

With the wide variety of mosaic tiles available it is important to purchase tiles from a reputable supplier servicing Ottawa. Choosing a quality supplier for all of your mosaic tile and natural stone needs is the best way to ensure long-term enjoyment of your investment. Contact a reputable supplier today and discover how a mosaic tile project can improve the look of your home.