North York Granite Renovations

North York Granite Renovations

Granite is one of the most treasured building materials in use today. When it comes to creating a universally appealing décor for a home in North York, home improvement projects involving granite are an excellent investment. Granite instantly provides a stunning appearance that will naturally stand the test of time ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for everyone in the home.

Granite is a premium building material with many different applications throughout the home. A granite home improvement project will provide a stunningly beautiful focal point in any room and increase homeowner pride. Granite can also greatly increase the resale value of the home and is considered one of the best projects when it comes to return on investment.

Granite is typically available in two different formats, slab and tile. Granite slabs are more expensive because it is harder to produce and is rarer than tile. Granite tiles are more readily available and are relatively more affordable.

This igneous and veiny rock is not only breathtakingly attractive, it is also incredibly durable. The hardness rating for granite is second only to diamonds and this allows it to be used for a wide number of applications around the home. This amazing hardness ensures that the granite installed in the home will continue to provide enjoyment for an exceptionally long time.

Granite Home Improvement Projects

Almost any home improvement project can benefit from the addition of granite. Granite has the power to greatly enhance the elegance of any room while improving the overall style and luxury of the home. Granite can have a huge impact regardless of the size of the project. This allows homeowners the freedom to choose between installing granite accents that update existing décor on a budget and creating a more intensive granite project that demands attention.

The hardness of granite makes it an excellent choice for load-bearing applications such as flooring. Granite tiles have amazing strength that will keep the floor looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. The exceptional elegance and durability has led to granite slabs being one of the most popular premium countertop materials. Installing a granite countertop will singlehandedly change the entire look of a kitchen (or bathroom) while also providing other important benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Heat resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Bacteria resistance
  • Ease of cleaning

In comparison to other types of building materials, granite is relatively low maintenance.

Finding a Granite Distributor in North York

Granite is an exclusive material that is a solid investment in any home. The choice of distributor is very important to ensuring the granite product is superior quality. Choosing a granite distributor with a proven strong history of quality products and service is the best way to make sure that the granite you receive will provide maximum enjoyment and durability. These distributors have the largest showrooms of natural stone products and often have the ability to produce custom granite work for unconventional projects (such as sinks, tables, etc.) as well.

Speak to a respected natural stone distributor servicing North York today to find out how granite will improve the enjoyment and resale value of your home.